Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Services

At XcelABLE our therapists’ focus is to help an individual return to function following injury. We partner with insurance companies, employers, attorneys, case managers and individuals to provide a comprehensive approach to disability management in injury prevention and return-to-work services.

Evaluation Services

Our evaluation is a set of specific objective tests and clinical observations to analyze one’s ability to function. This can be used for specific occupations for general physical demand levels. Xcelable uses a computerized evaluation system that is proven in evidence-based research to provide reliable and valid results and effectively measure consistent effort.

Injury Prevention

Our special programs help you reduce injury rates and prevent unnecessary injuries through extensive assessments and analysis.  By improving the environment, future injuries and lost work hours can be prevented.  Prior proper planning is the key to making sure that people remain productive and healthy.

Return to Work

When an injury occurs, or an employee needs to be assessed, our return to work programs make sure that the process is handled quickly, efficiently, and professionally.  We know that getting your people back to a productive state and healthy is your main concern.  It’s ours too.