Injury Prevention

There is no, “One Size Fits All,” solution to preventing injury and ensuring workplace safety, which is why we have created an injury prevention program that is tailored to suit each person’s individual needs.  We evaluate each person’s risks in order to determine where they are most susceptible to injury and provide intervention and solutions accordingly.

Ergonomic Assessments and Training

The goal of an ergonomic assessment is to identify and reduce risk areas in the employee’s workstation that put them at an increased chance of injury.  The assessment includes educating the employee about the proper positions and postures to maintain while performing their individual job duties.  For those individuals that cannot be accessed by one of our consultants or if an on-site evaluation does not fit within the fiscal budget, we do offer remote ergonomic assessments.

In-Office Training and Education

Risk factors for an injury exist in every job. Whether sitting at a desk all day, performing manual labor, or treating a patient, there are ways to protect yourself and significantly reduce your risk of injury.  At XcelABLE, we use a personalized and individual training approach. We provide each employee tangible solutions to potential ergonomic problem areas that are present in his or her specific job.

Safety Seminars and Training

It is often said, “Ignorance is bliss.” Not when it comes to ergonomics and workplace safety. In this case, “Ignorance = Injury.” By increasing the level of education and safety training to the employee, it empowers them to be more productive by minimizing the loss that is associated with workplace injuries.

Please contact us or call at 877-399-3746 for additional information regarding our injury prevention programs..

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