Return to Work

At XcelABLE, we realize that it is critical to get the injured worker back to work as quickly and safely as possible.  Our team provides a comprehensive return to work plan with proven success to allow for a safe transition for the injured employee.

Our services include:

Fit for Duty Evaluations

This evaluation is a mini-assessment of analyzing the specific job requirements of an occupation and assessing an individual’s ability to perform his or her tasks to return to the exact occupation in a safe manner following a disability or injury.

Job Analysis

Our team uses a software-based program to objectively analyze specific job functions and provides a detailed report discussing essential job duties and physical demands required to perform these tasks.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

This evaluation is used to provide specific objective measures to quantify one’s ability to perform physical demands related to a specific occupation or general occupation. It is typically used in workers’ compensation and in disability determination. This evaluation can be used throughout the post rehabilitation process to assess recovery and to determine appropriate job placement.

A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is frequently used in legal cases to determine how an injury has impacted an individuals ability to function or return-to-work. It may also be requested to determine extent of disability asa result of the injury. Specific measures are taken throughout the evaluation to ensure reliability and validity with all evaluations.

The FCE is comprehensive and requires analysis of a medical professional who is trained in providing this type of evaluation. All of our FCE evaluators are certified and have over five years of experience as an occupational therapist or physical therapist.

Ergonomic Training and Assessments

Improvement in the work environment has been proven to increase overall job satisfaction and increased job performance.  With an ergonomic assessment or ergonomic training, the goal is to assess the risks associated with injury and minimize risks within the work environment that could be a potential cause for injury.
At XcelABLE, our therapists our certified in ergonomics training and have over 20 years of experience in providing ergonomic services.  We provide in-office training and assessments for office, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. For those offices that cannot easily be accessed by one of our consultants or if an onsite evaluation does not fit within the fiscal budget, we do offer a remote option for performing an ergonomic assessment and training.

Please contact us at our contact page or at 877-399-3746 for a free consultation so we can assist you with returning to work in a safe and healthy manner.