The New XcelABLE App

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XcelABLE is very excited to announce our web portal and app. This unique and one-of-a-kind portal will offer a white labeled experience for your employees or customers. In this turbulent time, our goal is to create a means for you to offer text and video interfacing without the hassle of creating an app yourself. You can create your own content or use the content we have already created, and we’ll put it in the hands of your people.


Some of the exciting features we are offering:

  • White labeling
  • Options to add video or text made specific to any user or series of users
  • XcelABLE personalized videos for strength & conditioning and industry specific stretching
  • Native training programs on body mechanics and ergonomics
  • Customizable training portal for end-user videos
  • Voice over options to narrate and help expand end-user created videos

In addition, we will be unveiling a HIPAA compliant video conferencing option in order to communicate directly with your employees or customers and a specialty training option which will include yoga, strengthening with equipment, nutrition programs and exercise routines.

XcelABLE, the logical choice for a more personalized training experience.

Stay Excellent.